40 Days Pray & Fast Day 4

Day 4 [Acts 1: 9 – 11 & 1 Cor. 14:14]


. Today, speak a word of Prophecy into everything concerning you.
. 2016 Prophetic declaration is available on church website, locate it and pray.
. Prophecy that, as God you serve is undefeatable, so will you be.
. Prophecy against all long standing burdens/curses & yokes to be lifted&broken cos of the anointing.
. Prophecy your victory, transformation, signs&wonders to locate you this 40days& over.
. Prophecy doors to your breakthrough to be lifted.
. If you looking for fruit of the womb, place you hand over your womb and pray this, ‘Father,I conceive & receive my baby(ies) in the name of Jesus.’ amen.
. Prophecy that by the resurrected power in Christ, anything in you or around dead but don’t need to, should come alive IJN.
. Add your prayers

*Pray these prayers deep & wide to cover all areas Including our Church.
*Prayers every night 11pm-12am. Call in
*Prayers every Tue &Thur, @ Pastor’s house.