Free Hot Meal

Newjoy International Gospel Church (NIGC) in partnership with Yam Spice Restuarant, on Bowland Street in Manningham, has been providing a free meal and hot drink to people in need every Monday since April, 2022.
The African restaurant is serving around 70 people every week . “Yam Spice has been a place of hope and, gradually, we’re seeing change. “It’s not just the food and drink, Yam Spice is also a warm space, and has become a community.”

The initiative takes place between 10am and 12 noon and is in partnership with Newjoy International Gospel Church (NIGC). Church volunteers give counseling and coaching at the restaurant. Some people who come to us just need encouragement.

We’ve served over 1,600 meals for the past two years. We serve jollof rice, fufu, goat curry and more – these are things people may have seen online or on TikTok, but haven’t tried before.

NIGC is now calling for more sponsors and volunteers

For sponsorship you can contact the free hot meal coordinator on +44 7853 243501

To become a volunteer to you can reach the free hot meal coordinator on +44 7853 243501

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