Father, thank you for stepping into my season of total transformation. I decree today that I am anointed to grow positively, for I carry God’s seal of dominion to win and walk in victory.

I boldly declare that I am strong in the Lord and His mighty power. My spirit is revived, my soul is refreshed, and my body is released into God’s perfect will, vision, and purpose in destiny.

As it is written, I position my destiny in a place of overcoming. I shall not conform to the patterns of Satan and this world but I command my mind is constantly renewed and continually renovated by the mighty thought of God’s Word and the Holy Spirit.

I travail by your Word and Holy Spirit to gain Divine resemblance in the mighty name of Jesus. I receive great grace to do the supernatural naturally and the natural supernaturally.

I receive great grace to behold Christ and depend on Him alone. I activate in me the hunger and desire to know your ways and love you more, oh Lord.

By the authority of Christ, I speak against the evils of this world. Every conforming and destroying pattern and strategy of the devil has no place in my life, family, and destiny.

By the blood of Jesus, every Satanic weapon of destruction, deception, delay, death, discouragement, divorce, doubt, despair, depression, and denial shall not prosper in my dwelling.

I pray for Newjoy Church and the body of Christ worldwide to become your prophetic witness in these last days. In the midst of darkness and chaos in our world today, we pray your church becomes a beacon of light and salt to shine, influence, and bring change to this city and the nations at large.

In the midst of the fulfillment of Biblical prophesies, we call this city and nations to repentance. By the blood of Jesus, we break Satan’s resolve and call a massive influx of souls into your Kingdom. Raise, o Lord, your end-time militants in our midst to depopulate hell for heaven’s benefit.

Father, thanks be to your splendor, greatness, and strength, for you alone deserve the glory, honor, and praise. Thank you for keeping your covenant with me, my family, and my church in Jesus’ name. Amen, and amen.