1 Building Memorial Pillars.
This is a program that holds every last Friday of each month. The purpose of this interdenominational program is to build strong spiritual pillars through intense worship, prayer and the word of God as we prepare the church for the month ahead.

2 Turn Up the Heat
This program holds every quarter of the year. It is a 24-hour prayer chain that observes the 8 watches of the day. The purpose is to get the body of Christ to pray according to the watches which God has set since ancient times. It is also a special time to pray for communities, cities, and nations.

3 Today’s Generation (Purpose Achieving Life)
This department holds the youth activities of the church. It consist also of the AFAP Coaching School which trains, mentors both young and old to develop their character ethics such as humility, attitude, integrity necessary to discover, dedicate and develop ones Gods intended primary purpose, passion, potential and leadership. This is a community initiative program to help especially the youth in the community.

4 Kingdom Kids. (Pass It On)
This is the children department of the church where we train the next generation to grow in wisdom, favour, stature, knowledge and obedience unto God. As future generations, it is our responsibility to pass on everything God expects of us to ensure legacy building.

5 Our regular church activities are: Sunday Service, Mid-Week Bible Discussion and Prayer Meeting, and Monthly Night Vigil (all night prayers). Others include participation in periodic prayer chain, evangelism and community outreach activities as decided by the church leadership.

Consequently, the local Pastor and church leaders are at liberty to plan and organize any special programs deemed to be of potential benefit to the congregation and/or the local community.