The following provides a brief description of the ministries we intend to have working to support our work in the community and to help us all to grow in our walk with God and neighbours.



This is the children department of the church where we train the next generation to grow in wisdom, favour, stature, knowledge and obedience unto God. As they comprise future generations, it is our responsibility to pass on everything God expects of us to ensure legacy building. More on children …




This department holds the youth activities of the church. Our youths are essential in sustaining the life and continuous existence of the teachings of Jesus Christ. They play a vital role in our hope of using Christian values as the driving force or foundation for different professions in our society. They are our hope for the continuous deepening of our faith and closeness to God.

It consists also of the AFAP Coaching School which trains, mentors both young and old to develop their character ethics such as humility, attitude, integrity necessary to discover, dedicate and develop one’s Gods intended primary purpose, passion, potential and leadership.


MEN’S MINISTRY (Kingdom Men)

This is the men’s department of our Church. The male man is a fundamental pillar in God’s creation. This explains the overwhelming attack on men in this generation. The purpose of this department is to strengthen men in our church and beyond to understand and discover their purpose in Christ through regular meetings, fitness exercises, conferences and more.


 WOMEN’s MINISTRY (Virtuous Vessels)

This is the women’s department of our church.  The role of women today in the church and society as a whole cannot be underestimated. This department empowers women in the church and beyond to be virtuous women according to Proverbs 31 in the Bible. They achieve this through regular meetings, mentoring, seminars and conferences.



The backbone of Newjoy Church is consistent prayer and this is exactly what this department is set up to do. The department functions by holding a daily midnight prayer line from 11pm-12am called ‘The Hour of Special Grace’. There is also a quarterly 12 Hour Prayer Chain dubbed ‘Turn Up The Heat’ organised to stir up the fire of God in the church and beyond.



The heartbeat of God is for all souls to change and make heaven and this is what this department is committed to doing. They go out weekly to the community and city to share the love of God to others. They also host the churches summer BBQ day, Christmas community giveaway among others to win souls and spread the love of God.



This department acts as the face of the church to congregation and those God sends our way.

Their main task is to help guests feel the love and joy of God by truly welcoming them into God’s house through friendly and authentically gracious service. To enable this department to function effectively, they are subdivided into;


  • Ushering Department: The role of this department is to help first time guests, repeat visitors, and members experience the sacredness and joy of a worship service.


  • Catering Department: This department serves in all areas of ministry requiring the use of the church kitchen (Setup, serve, clean up). They include catering, refreshment and reception of beverage, food and more for church members and social activities.


  • Birthday Department: This department celebrates the birthday of every member of our church and also ensures everyone gets a gift during Christmas.



This is the department of our church that helps members grow in God’s Word through studying the Bible. The department includes;

  • Foundation Class: This department helps those who are new to the Christian faith and or those who desire to understand and strengthen their faith in Christ. This department also prepares members for baptism using a specially prepared training manual called ‘New Birth Material’.


  • Sunday School: This department teaches the Word of God every Sunday morning in smaller groups to help build members faith. Their material includes life-changing topics, memory verses, Bible passages and outlines prepared to help members understand God’s Word in ways they can apply to their everyday living.


  • Cell Groups: This department meet once a week in selected homes of members (Cell Leaders) to fellowship, communion, pray, worship, sharing or Bible study and discussion.



This is the department that takes care of Church money and finances. They ensure wise stewardship of our financial resources through effective management and control.



This department provides musical support for all services and outreach programmes in and outside the ministry such as Seminars, Prayer and Fasting events, Monthly events, Community Outreach & Conferences. Their vision is to be facilitators of prayer and praise for all nations who come to worship with us. John 4:23-24.



This is the department that controls sound/audio, slide/projection and audio/video recordings of our church. They operate in all meetings including department meetings and all church events.