According to what is written, I pray and expect a greater Encounter with Christ, your Word, and the Holy Spirit. I run to you o Lord, to receive that one encounter which will forever change, transform, and direct my life.

I receive today the desire, hunger, and intense passion for having power with you, for in me is working a power greater than every power. Enlarge my faith and trust in your naked Word to see you. I receive the grace to yield and surrender to the Holy Ghost.

I decree today that my life, destiny, and family shall taste and see your goodness. Myeyes shall see, my hands shall handle the Word of life. Therefore, I refuse to be bitter,for I see things getting better in my life, family, and all that concerns me.

By Grace, I decree and declare a Divine Visitation. Grant me a convincing proof of your resurrection. Today, I receive understanding to your Kingdom keys, secrets,
mysteries and patterns in my life. Lead and instruct me by your Holy Spirit with no distraction.

I prophesy as I am commanded, that from today, every curse or bondage, be it ancestral, generational, or personal, is broken according to thy Word. As it is written, I say, that every work of the devil is destroyed from my life, family, and destiny. I reject now, every possession of the devil from my life and destiny.

Father, remember your covenant of increase and blessings with this church. We pray and receive the grace and strength to continue to build your church and the gate of hell to never prevail against us according to your living Word. Grant us the keys to unlocking and raising a new generation of mature and balanced believers full of fire for your end-time agenda.

Father, like the days of Pentecost, pour out your spirit upon this city and nation.Reveal yourself to this generation like never before. We call forth the latter rain in greater proportions upon this land. Let there be a miraculous revival and awakening inour time. Shake everything that can be shaken, and we command dry bones to come alive in the might of Christ.

Father, thank you for keeping me from falling, establishing me, building me up, and letting all your grace abound towards me and all that concerning me in my going out and coming in, in Jesus’ name. Amen