Father thank you for this year 2021. As I begin today, I set my hopes on nothing else than the life of Christ and His righteousness. As the Lord has spoken so I decree and declare that I and my family shall birth and name new things according to the power of Christ at work within me.

I receive a shift in my thinking and mind to attract the new things from Christ. I make room to manifest my new dimensions for my God is a God of new possibilities.

I activate my spiritual senses by the power of the Holy Spirit to perceive and be sensitive to the new dimension possibilities in Christ. I command every wilderness to become like Eden and my desert to be like the garden of the Lord for He shall comfort all my waste places.

My life, family, and destiny shall overflow with joy, gladness, and thanksgiving as I see Christ sit upon His throne to make all things new. I receive the fountain of life and out of my destiny, home and family shall flow rivers of living water. Rev 21:4-5

Father, activate in me the spirit of love to love you, your Word, and Church. May I dwell in the atmosphere of God continually and shine in this world, reflecting your grace and glory.

Holy Spirit, impart my life and implant hope in my heart. By the power of my new covenant in Christ, I walk like Christ in all righteousness and holiness. Father, in the midst of all, increase my faith, give me a good character, grant me spiritual understanding, discipline, and a passion to serve and do your will.

I pray for Newjoy Church today, to be good ground and soil to raise quality believers in these last days for Christ. Holy Spirit, send forth workers, men, and women into your church for community, national and global impact.

I pray for this nation to be convicted of sin by the workings of the Holy Ghost. I call this nation to obedience in Christ and the Word of God. I declare and decree against the strategies of Satan, the god of this age to be nullified against souls perishing.

Thank you, Lord, for beginning with me today for as I have begun this year, so shall I and the family you have given me, continue and finish well. In the name of Jesus, no weapon formed against me and family shall prosper.

Father, thank you for making the words of my mouth and worship of my heart to be like a fragrance, fire, and a weapon of victory in Christ Jesus. Amen