Topic: Letters To The Seven Churches (PERGAMUM)

Revelations 2:12-17

Jesus letter to the church of Pergamom includes;

Description: This was the political capital of the Roman Province of Asia the Less. This was also an extremely religious city for instance it had the temple of Asklepios, the god of healing, called the god of Pergamum, with a university for medical study. Hence in the Apocalypse Pergamum is a very center of emperor-worship “where Satan dwells”.

Pergamos signifies high and lofty; a royal city, built under a very high and steep mountain, upon the top of which a tower was erected, by the lords of the lesser Asia, which still continues.

1b. Jesus describes Himself to the church of Pergamum. 2:12b

  1. The one who has a sharp two edged sword: the sword from the mouth of Jesus is the Word of God. Jesus is the Word, reminding us who He is and what He can do. Hebrews 4:12, Revelations 19:15,21
  2. B Insight: Chapter 2:13, Christ knew all the things they were going through;
  3. He knew the city they lived- where Satan’s throne was located yet they remain true to Christ. (2:13a) The temples, the worship of the emperor as a God, Pergamum was an evil place yet the church remain true to Christ. Colossians 3:17, Hebrews 13:15
  4. They did not renounce their faithful even when Antipas (a Pastor) was killed by satanic agenda in the city. (2:13b) Can this be said of our church? Can we stand against the sin in our cultures? Can we offer God the sacrifice of praise, not just in church, but in life?. 1 Timothy 3:16, Hebrews 4:14, Jude 1:3, Matthew 10:33

What Christ had against them. Chapter 2:14-15

  1. Some were in the church who tolerated the doctrine of Balaam. Balaam is an example of a prophet, teacher, pastor who corrupts the word of God and teach falsehood and lead many astray including promoting divorce, sin. Numbers 31:16, I Corinthians 6:13, 2 Peter 2:15, Jude 1:11
  2. Some in the church that tolerated the doctrine of the Nicholitans. This is the doctrine that twists and turns the truth in God’s word. Example is Mormonism and some strange Christian teachings that convince people to only love God in the spirit without the mind or our bodies our vice versa. 1 Corinthians 14:15, Matthew 22:37, John 8:32
  3. What Christ wanted them to do. Chapter 2:16: Remember that this word is spoken to the church and Christians. We must repent/change otherwise judgment will begin from the house of God. Acts 3:19, 2 Chronicles 7:14, 1 Peter 4:17
  4. A general exhortation to the church. Chapter 2:17
  5. Anyone who is willing must listen to the spirit and understand what the spirit is saying.
  6. Manna that is hidden in heaven. This may be Gods hidden provision, Jesus the bread of Life. John 6:41, 48-50
  7. White stone on it is engraved a new name. If we do not bow to satanic threats and this sinful world, this is going to be our reward. In the midst of all we are going through, the Bible promise us, we are more than victors. Romans 8:37