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(1) Donation

We started a school back home (Bilingual Nursery and Primary School) in Cameron and we wanted to equip the school with technology and other materials, we prayed to God divine helpers; for donations and other supports.  Behold, God enters the hearts of men and we received 15 Laptops. Praise to God.

Above that, a prison agrees to make free uniforms for the school.

 Mr Augustin’s family.

(2) Moving forward.

Yes, my family were classified homeless at a time. This was a part of progress in our phase of life.

We applied for accommodation from Bradford council and they promised us that the process will take 0ne month to about 3 months maximum. We waited and did all what we have to do to hasting the process, but it took them more than 10 good months to allocate house for my family. During the waiting periods, we almost gave up, not wanting to continue the process. One thing we forgot was that “God’s time is always the best”. There were a lot of frustrations as we wait for them.

On that faithful day, the council shown us a beautiful property of our choice. The location, the type of property (house), the type school for the children, the neighbourhood, public access and just name it, was 98% of what we want.

As our pastor will always encourage us to write and describe what we want God to do for us and we did. And God with His grace, we now have that perfect accommodation with other numerous side blessings.

To God be the glory.

Mr Joseph’s family.



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