40 Days Pray & Fast Day 17

Day 17 [Joshua 23 & 24]
2Cor 4:4 says, Satan, the god of this age has blinded the eyes of many from believing the gospel. Today intercede for lost souls.

. Spend time worshiping in the spirit.
. Plead the victorious blood of Christ over all unbelievers
. By the power in Christ, pray against any satanic blind & darkness to be destroyed in the lives of unbelievers IJN
. In Acts 2, when the Holy Spirit came over the Apostles, over 3000 souls were saved. By that same Power lets cry out for lost souls to be saved in our church this season.
. How will they hear unless there is a preacher. Rom. 10:14. Are you ready to preach, then ask the Holy Spirit to empower you & church to go.
. Pray for God’s grace to locate lost souls. It us only Him that can change hearts of men.
. Add your prayers for the season.

*Pray these prayers deep & wide to cover all areas Including our Church.
*Prayers every night 11pm-12am. Call in
*Prayers every Tuesday & Thursday, @ Pastor’s house.