40 Days Pray & Fast Day 15

Day 15 [Joshua 19 & 20]

God is looking for a new generation to display His POWER through. May it be your desire to walk like that generation

. Lift your voice in praise&worship for who He is and what He does.
. This kind of generation is one of courage, boldness and strength in the Lord. Pray for these.
. This kind trust and focus their eyes only on Christ and not what’s happening around them. Ask the Lord for such ability.
. God is looking for a people that not only start but continue and finish. In your walk with God, ask for the anointing to cont. and anointing to finish.
. Obedience to His word is key in the lives of those God wants. Therefore, father help me to obey you even in difficult situations.
. Father help me, family, church to walk under your Grace & mercy. May it not be by might or power but by your Spirit.
. Ask the Lord to deal with sin in our midst that we don’t block our way to His will & power in this Holy season & beyond.
. Add your prayers for the season.

*Pray these prayers deep & wide to cover all areas Including our Church.
*Prayers every night 11pm-12am. Call in
*Prayers every Tuesday & Thursday, @ Pastor’s house.