40 Days Pray & Fast Day 12

Day 12 [Joshua 13 & 14]

Children are a blessing from the Lord. Today,  lets intercede for all children.

. Thank God for the life of your children and all the children in our church, the UK and beyond including the unborn.
. Pray that the glory of God will announce and proclaim the arrival of our children everywhere they go in Jesus name. Pray also that God’s presence will lighten their paths and order their steps
. Pray to break and reject every negative foundation that may want to disturb and interfere with your children including those in Newjoy, the UK and beyond in Jesus name.
. Pray that your children will  be for extraordinary signs and wonders in every area of their lives in Jesus name. That your children will be wonders to all nations of the world and generations beyond their generations in Jesus name.
. Pray that every power sustaining any form of limitations over your children be broken and removed in Jesus name. Ask God to use your children and all the children in Newjoy to establish His righteousness on earth
. Pray that God’s divine plan and intentions for your children before they were born will come to pass and that He will make them mighty upon the earth.
. Pray that just as Joshua experienced and enjoyed victories upon victories, so should your children be in Jesus name. Prophesy that the life of your children shall be full of grace and glory in Jesus name.

*Pray these prayers deep & wide to cover all areas Including our Church.
*Prayers every night 11pm-12am. Call in
*Prayers every Tuesday & Thursday, @ Pastor’s house.



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