40 Days Pray & Fast Day 10

Day 10  [Joshua 9 & 10]

Yesternight, as we prayed, the Lord laid on my heart to pray for all FIRST BORN especially sons.

. Thank God for the first born in your family
. Enter into deep worship today and ask the Lord to strengthen you to fast &pray right.
. Speak mightily against any satanic attack against first born especially sons.
. As Christ has redeemed as from the curse of the first man Adam, so pray His blood over first born, sons IJN.
. First born especially males are inheritors of fathers legacy good or bad, holy or evil. Pray therefore for the special grace of God to be released over them to overcome any negative/evil inherited legacy IJN.
. Pray for the salvation of all first born in your family, first sons & daughters by His grace.
. Add your own prayer points.

*Pray these prayers deep & wide to cover all areas Including our Church.
*Prayers every night 11pm-12am. Call in
*Prayers every Tuesday &Thursday, @ Pastor’s house.