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The Character of Joseph

The character of a person is more important than the gift that individual carries. You may be highly gifted but if your character is not good, it will be difficult to go far in any venture. This is why for God to use anyone, He first of all prepares and sometimes tests character.

In this series, we will be examining from Biblical men God used to do great things, how He prepared them for their journey and how we can learn from them to succeed in our own.

The first of such is Joseph. His name means “God adds”. He was the eleventh son of Jacob and the elder of two sons of Rachel (Genesis 30:24). As Joseph -grew, he became the favourite son of his father’s children, something his brothers did not like. In a moment, his life changed as God through his brothers took him on a journey to fulfil his destiny. Genesis 37:1-4,

  1. It begins with dreams: God began Joseph journey with a dream at a young age of 17. These are some of the ways by which God can reveal to you on what He intends to do in your life and destiny. In it lays Gods purpose, plans and intentions for your future. Genesis 37:5-10. 1 Kings 3:5, Matthew 1:20
  2. The journey. In between the time the lord gives you a dream to the time of fulfilment is always a journey. In His life, he is known as the man who changed coats. His father made him a beautiful coat, his brothers took it off, Potiphar gave him another coat, his wife took it off, and prison gave him another coat until Pharaoh himself took it off.

Like Joseph, we must also understand that anytime God purpose takes us on a journey, He can;

  • Stop you (Acts 9)
  • Stretch you (Genesis 12:1-3)
  • Send you (Jonah 1)
  • Sketch our lives to others (Hebrews 1:18).
  • He does these to strengthen
  1. He demonstrated stronger values. Areas like his brothers selling him, Potiphar’s wife accusation, his imprisonment, he never complained to pharaoh, never had bitterness towards his brothers.
  1. He practiced the presence of God. In the midst of the difficulty, pain, he never doubted the presence of God even when evil was all around him and his world was fallen apart. He knew God was with him. Genesis 39:1-3
  2. Consistency: He revealed Gods power in the midst of all. In his life, we see qualities such as trust worthiness, honesty, hardworking and diligence, humility, respect in his manners are what contributed to his success at the end. Titus 3:9-10, Colossians 3:17
  3. Confidence: he believed in his dreams and promise concerning his life and his family. Genesis 45:5-8, 50:19
  4. He understood repentance and forgiveness. Joseph is one man who had all the very good reasons to punish his brothers and all who caused him pain and grief. However, the Bible never mentions retaliation in connection with this man. Genesis 50:14-20


May the life of Joseph be an encouragement to build your own no matter the challenges of life. See the future and decide to live there.

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