Day 1

Pray for the Church, Body of Christ
Acts 8:1-2, Rom. 8:30-38, 2Cor.4:8-10

As you study these scriptures, begin to thank God for His faithfulness over NIGC from January till today.

Now as we hear the Church under strong persecutions of resent, please use today’s scriptures to pray strongly for the church of Christ.

Pray, that the church will increase more in the midst of these persecutions, that Christ will glorify Himself to the world.

Pray that overwhelming Uncommon Victory shall be the portion of the church.

Pray for the peace of God over the church and indeed over the world; we will not pay evil with evil, pray for the enemies of the church, that they will see God’s love and change.

The Lord says I should tell you, “The one who loves God, can never be defeated.” Don’t fear, have FAITH IN GOD.


Lead Servant, NIGC


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