14 Days Prayer and Fasting Period

God has shown us His readiness to fight for us and bring Uncommon Victories our ways.

There will be a 14 days prayer and fasting starting from Monday 04th January 2016, as we key into the word of  the Year.

Only pregnant women are exempted please. All church members must take part.


Day 1

1. Thank God for the gift of life in the NEW year 2016.
2. Our year of UNCOMMON VICTORY. Pray yourself into this theme.
3. Cover Jan-Dec in the blood of Jesus. Decree that you shall see the end of this year in Jesus name.
4. Pray n cancel every agenda of Satan against you all year round IJN.
5. Pray the Lord prepare n position you for uncommon Victories this year.
6. Pray for fresh fire, anointing, passion to start, continue and finish this year.
7. Add your prayers.

Day 2

Psalm 44:1-8 (recommended)

Pray that God’s special favour and grace bring you victory this year.
Pray that God will smile on you, family, NIGC.
Add your own prayers


Day 3

Joshua, Nehemiah

Today, pray prophetic ally into your life and everything concerning you this year.

” Once again, before the coming of Jesus Christ, God is going to raise a people to do uncommon things. God is going to position people, his church to demonstrate his power, presence, signs and wonders in these last days.”
Speak this over your life, NIGC & more.


Day 4

Book of Joshua, Acts 4

Pray for a year of Uncommon miracles, signs and wonders over your life, family, church and more.

Day 5

Book of Joshua, Jeremiah 29:11

Pray a prayer of Protection, Provision, Promotion and Preservation until you step into your promised destiny this year.
Pray for God’s Purpose and Plan to be fulfilled in your life, family and Newjoy this year

Day 6

Ps. 46:5-6, Jer 29:7, 1 Tim. 2:2

Today, we pray for the area, city, nation you live in and or comes from.
Pray for its peace, Gods will, salvation of souls, youth and more.

Day 8

Nehemiah 4.

Today, we pray against uncommon mischief s, tragedies, losses & disturbing news Satan will bring our ways this year.
Pray that the Lord will protect you, family church and more this year.

Day 9

Ephesians 6:10-17, Isaiah 7:7,  54:17

Pray VIOLENTLY on this day against satanic untimely deaths, demonic fury, raging powers, forces of the enemy not to defeat you this year.

Decree & Declare that no weapons formed against you family and church shall not prosper all year round.

Day 10

Joshua 1:6-9, 2 Cor.1:21. Mk 5:25-30

Pray that you will be strengthen in your faith in Christ to stand firm this year.
Pray for courage & boldness daily in your day, weeks, months and beyond.

Day 11

Joshua 6, 1 Samuel 1:10-20

Pray that in this year, God will grant you revelational knowledge to know and walk in His strategic pattern into your Uncommon Victories. Amen


  1. Our year of Uncommon Victory. Praying for our city and the nations including our leaders of the world. That there may be peace and know Jesus Christ and the power of His resurrection.

  2. Amen Bro. Sam. I also pray that Gods mighty power will accompany His church in this new year of uncommon victory in Jesus name.

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